2 Bedrooms: 2 Queen-size Beds, 1 Double-bed, Enclave Office, *2 Showers, Open Plan Kitchen & Living Area

$100 Single – $150 Couple – $160 Twin Share – $180 Triple Share – $220 for 4

Includes: office area with wireless internet connection. Large kitchen / living area.

Situated 600 metres south of The Mill overlooking the Oak Avenue in Curdie Street. Address: 15 Curdie Street.

Anson´s Cottage was built in the 1800´s, about the same time as The Mill, and is in the genre of a miner´s cottage. Some of the original features are still visible today including the pine lining boards. The renovations have made the cottage immensely more liveable without sacrificing the intimacy of the original building. The backyard is equipped with a BBQ and an outdoor dining setting.

*There is one main shared bathroom area and a small spare shower.

Contact Mill Reception: dm.mill@bigpond.net.au Phone/Fax: 03 5593 2996